Pet Project

Help Our Pets Initiative

Meals on Wheels of New Castle Inc. is pleased to announce we are the recipients of a grant from Meals on Wheels of America. This grant will be used to sponsor a local program entitled Help Our Pets (HOP).

A recently conducted survey of current MOW clients indicates that although many of our clients have pets, they are faced with multiple challenges in keeping their pets safe and well.

MOW clients face personal challenges with their own nutrition:

  • Accessing transportation
  • Limitations in stamina, mobility, strength and vitality
  • Financial stressors
  • Cognitive challenges impacting budgeting and menu planning

Our clients face many of these same issues regarding the care of their pets.

Although supporting our clients in caring for their pets may not seem an obvious purpose of Meals on Wheels, our clients indicate their health and well-being is positively impacted by the presence of a pet.

Our new program, HOP, is designed to help CURRENT Meals on Wheels of New Castle clients offset the costs of pet food.  We plan to maintain a small supply of dog and cat food, treats and litter, and will respond to direct client requests for assistance.

The purpose of HOP is as follows:

  • To conduct initial and follow up surveys of client pet ownership and need for support.
  • To initiate contact with clients whose surveys indicate potential need for pet support.
  • To respond to direct client requests for pet support.
  • To create a bank of dog and cat food, treats, and litter.
  • To develop relationships with other pet programs in the county
  • To contact local veterinarians and assess those who might offer services to MOW clients at a reduced cost.

With a grant of $500, the Program Coordinator will purchase food, treats and cat litter.  The Program Coordinator will be responsible for the procurement and distribution of said items.  If convenient, items may be delivered by volunteers in conjunction with meal delivery.  No monies are allocated at this time for travel/mileage expenses.  No additional staff will be required.  Additional time on the part of the Program Coordinator will not be a significant cost to Meals on Wheels of New Castle, nor detract from services provided to our human clients.


  • $500 start up
    • $150 for dog food
    • $150 for cat food
    • $75 for cat litter
    • $75 for storage tubs
    • $50 for treats
    • Mileage:  donated
    • Delivery time:  donated
    • Shopping time:  donated

Indicators of Success:

  • Identification of MOW clients that need support for their pets
  • Identification of local agencies and supports for pets
  • Identification of veterinarians who will offer discounted services for MOW pets
  • Development of a “bank” of foods and supplies

For more information about our meal program, or opportunities for volunteering, contact Anne Crowe, Program Coordinator, at 724-654-6155.